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Art Shows

Art Show Committee Mission Statement

The goal of the Art Show Committee is to provide a venue in the Town of Monson for artists, from throughout New England and beyond, who produce quality art in a variety of media, to exhibit and sell their work to a regional audience. The Committee will seek to engage the residents and businesses of Monson in its work to enhance the sense of community pride and foster a greater appreciation of the visual arts. By doing so, the Monson Arts Council will increasingly become recognized as a catalyst for the arts in the region. Unanimously approved 8/3/09

Entry Form and Prospectus

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MAC Art Show Committee:
Coordinators: David Dupuis, Susan James
Committee: Reed Coles, Tim Denney, Elizabeth Eisold, Mickey Kusek, Alan Morin, Lynn Salem, Maureen Solomon, Dave Taupier, Roberta Wilson

413-267-0343 or 413-267-3042

House of Art
200 Main Street
Monson, MA 01057

Important Dates

Click here for a printable show-date calendar.

March 11, 2017: Final date for applications for hand delivered art. Walk-ins are welcome to hand deliver art on March 18 for an additional registration fee - $5.

March 18, 2017 (Snow date March 19): Final date for digital submissions; 9 11am - Hand delivered entries.

March 25, 2017 (Snow date March 26), Jurying Noon 5pm, All work selected by jurors will be listed on this website by last name and name of work.

April 1, 2017 - (Snow date - April 2), 9 - 11am: Pickup of hand delivered art that has not been selected by jurors. 11:30am - 1pm: Delivery of digitally submitted art that has been selected.

Show Hours ~ 2017
Saturday, April 8 10am - 5pm
1 - 4pm Artists Reception
3pm Prize Award Ceremony

Sunday, April 9 Noon - 5pm

Wednesday, April 12 - 6:30 - 8:30pm: Fearless Drawing Workshop - $10 includes materials. Roberta Wilson will offer a 2-hour workshop for anyone who wants to give drawing a shot. No experience necessary, but all drawing experience welcome. Leave your fear at the door. This workshop is funded with a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant.

Artist, Roberta Wilson draws wherever she goes. She is a former teacher who has been painting in her Indian Orchard Mills studio for seventeen years. Her work was recently exhibited at the Springfield Civic Center. Reservations please:

Saturday April 15 10am - 5pm.

Closed Easter Sunday

Wednesday, April 19 - 6:30 - 8:30pm: Poetry Workshop - $5. Maria Luisa Arroyo will return to offer her acclaimed Ekphrasitic poetry workshop. Participants will view our art show and write poems about the work that moves them. The poems are shared with the artists when they come to pick up their work at the end of the show, and they LOVE it. Register early, as this is a popular event maximum of 20 participants.

Ms. Arroyo is a poet and educator. She has offered this workshop at our show since 2012. Maria, a 2016 NEPR Arts & Humanities Award recipient served as the Springfield, MA Inaugural Poet Laureate 2014 2016. She was 2015 & 2016 Poetry Workshop Facilitator at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Salem, MA. and a 2004 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellow in Poetry. Reservations please:

Saturday, April 22 10am - 5pm

Sunday, April 23 Noon - 5pm: with Closing Day Reception 1 - 4pm featuring Monson's own Tree House Brewing Co Beer Tasting AND the fabulous Bluegrass Band, Livestock, who come to us this year with a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant.


Saturday, April 29 9am - 11am: Art Pickup/Artists' Breakfast

Sunday, May 6 9am - 10am: Final Pickup

Show Us Your Colors
Open Weekends, April 8th to 23rd, 2017
House of Art
200 Main Street
Monson, MA 01057

POSTED MARCH 24, 2017: 2017 LIST OF ACCEPTED WORKS - Click to download

ARTISTS, all those accepted into our show may enter items in our Sales Shop. Guidelines and List of Items for Sale here.

All artists are invited to enter the Monson Arts Council Spring Show! Entry application deadline for hand delivered art has been EXTENDED to March 15. If you miss this, you can still bring your work on Saturday March 18 from 9 - 11am with a $5 additional fee. Printmakers, Artists who Draw, Fiber Artists! You are eligibile for our show. First Prizes available for your art!

Click to download Printable Entry Form


  • We welcome work in every medium. Categories listed below.
  • All entries must be
    • originated by the artist
    • completed within the past 3 years
    • not previously exhibited in a Monson Arts Council show
    • for sale

Please select from one of the following categories which best suits your work:

  1. Photography/Video
  2. Painting
  3. Fiber Arts
  4. Multi Dimensional Art
  5. Graphic Arts including drawing and printmaking

All Artwork must be for sale. The Monson Arts Council commission on sales is 20%. All commissions will be considered as donations and you will receive a confirmation of this with your sales report. Monson Arts Council Inc. is a non-profit organization.


There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. If you received an Entry Form though the USPS mail, You may fill it in and mail it together with your check* to the address below.
  2. Download/print the Entry Form (click the link). Fill this in and mail it together with your check* to the address below.
  3. Complete the Online Entry Form.
* You can elect to pay online using PayPal, which will accept your credit card. However, if you do this, why not just Complete the Online Entry Form?

Entry Fees

Your non-refundable entry fees* are:

  • $25 for submission of one,
  • $35 for two works of art
  • $45 for a third work of art.
* Checks should be payable to Monson Arts Council. Entry fees are non-refundable UNLESS we receive work after our exhibition space is full.

Mailed in Entry Forms: (Option 1 and 2) - Complete your forms and mail with your check to:

MAC Art Show
c/o Tim Denney
94 Lakeside Drive
Monson, MA 01057

Submitting / Delivering your Artwork:

Whether you submitted your application by mail or on the MAC website, There are two ways to submit your artwork:

  1. Hand deliver your artwork. (See delivery dates indicated in Calendar of Events.) Entry Forms not submitted by deadline may be submitted with your artwork delivery. There will be an additional fee of $5.
  2. Send Digital images of your artwork. See Preparing and Submitting Digital Images: Send by one of the following methods:
    • Send a thumb drive or DVD containing JPG files complete with your Entry Form and check to the mailing address above. Media will NOT be returned.
    • Send JPG files to us by e-mail - NOTE: Digital Entry Closing Date March 18, 2017.

Notification of artwork SELECTED for the show

The jurors will select the artwork to be displayed in the show. The list of SELECTED artwork will be displayed on the MAC Website not later than March 27, 2017. This is the only official method of notification.

Digitally submitted work which has been selected should be prepared according to the General Requirements for Artwork and delivered on April 1, between 11:30am & 1pm. (Snow date April 2) Hand delivered artwork which was not selected should be picked up on April 1 between 9am and 11am (Snow date April 2). If you had a piece selected and another not, please pick up the non-selected piece on this date.

Pickup of Work

  • Artists are responsible for prompt pickup of work when required. This includes work not accepted for the show and unsold work following the show. See Calendar.
  • There is a $10/week charge for all art not picked up on schedule.
  • Any artwork not picked up after 60 days will become the property of the Monson Arts Council.
  • No art may be removed from the show during the exhibit.
  • You may send a representative to pick up or deliver artwork. Receipt or letter with ID will be required for pick-up. We can ship artwork through an art mailing service, cost will be billed to the artist.

Preparing and Submitting Digital Images.

Jurors will view your Digital entries, as submitted, on a normal 'landscape orientated' screen. These guidelines enable us to display your digital images in the best possible way. Be aware that very narrow and very wide images do not display well on a screen. You may wish to consider submitting such work physically.

  • JPG format
  • RGB color space
  • Minimum 1920 pixels on the longest side
  • Maximum file size per image: 3Mb e-mailed 6Mb DVD/thumb drive
  • Submit in proper viewing orientation.
  • 3-dimensional work may be represented by up to 3 images per piece.

Name your images so that we can easily identify them against the Title you have selected for the piece. Name Format for each jpeg should read: YourLastName-imageName.jpg (for example: jones-autumntreescape.jpg) If more than one jpg per image identify by 1a, 1b, 1c: (ex. jones-autumntreescape1a.jpg.) Do not use characters other than letters, numbers, the dash (-) or the underscore (_) computer doesn't accept.

Email files to with a Subject line of:
      MAC Art Show - JPG files - <your name here>
or place on appropriate digital media and mail. Label CD, DVD or thumb drive with full name, mail with protective cover. Media will not be returned.

General Requirements for Artwork: Hanging Guidelines

Work must be framed and wired for hanging. Work improperly framed or wired will be declined. No frames w/o wire attached, no alligator clips. There will be a $20 fee if we must re-wire your work.

All visible portions of the work must be in a finished condition.

Work on canvas must either be in a finished frame or the edge must be finished with at least paint. This includes all art wall hung, free standing, etc.

Frames must be constructed in a solid fashion. The hanging wire must attach at multiple points preferably on each side at back of work. Stranded wire is preferred, drawn tight strung so it adapts with our hanging system.

Triptych and multi-section art work must come with succinct directions for hanging. These works should be test hung by you to work out any kinks that might prevail with the hanging of it.

Sculpture or mixed media must also be ready to hang or to exhibit safely. You may provide a stand suitable for your work.

If you provide a pedestal and or frame for your piece, the pedestal/frame is considered part of the work and will be included in the judging of the piece. You may sell your pedestal with the work if this is clearly marked in your entry form. Sculpture may also be submitted without pedestals. We will provide pedestals. If presentation of your work is unusual and/or difficult, we may request that you come in to assist us.

Work may not exceed 48" high x 72" wide.

Sculpture and 3D items should have an L+W+D of less than 130" (e.g. 36x36x58 or 24x16x90)


Betsy Feick Painter, printer and photographer, her work is drawn from nature and the landscape. She recently exhibited at Robert Floyd Photography Gallery.

Dean Nimmer Chair of Painting, Printmaking programs at Mass College of Art, where he taught from 1970 to 2004, now Adjunct Professor at Holyoke Community College.

Dimitrios Klitsas Master wood carver and teacher trained in the classical European tradition at the Ioannina Technical School in Greece, now in Hampden, MA.


All Prize Winning work is featured in our Program. This program is mailed to museums, galleries and media throughout the region. To see programs from previous years, click here.

Best of Show - Selected by Jurors - $1000

In the following categories, awards selected by the jurors will include a First Prize of $400, a 2nd Prize of $100, and Honorable Mentions, no cash award.

  • Photography/Video
  • Painting
  • Fiber Arts
  • Multi-Dimensional Art
  • Graphic Arts including drawing and printmaking

President's Choice - Selected by Steven Lowell, President, Monson Savings Bank - $300

Outstanding Monson Artist - $300 Selected by our Jurors, Sponsored by Moulton Insurance Agency, Inc.

Committee Choice - Selected by Committee Ballot - $200

Emerging artist - Prize for artist who has not previously exhibited in a juried show - $50 Gift Certificate from Giclee Printing and Framing of New England ~ Selected by Jurors

People's Choice - Voted by Visitors at Artists' Reception $10 Gift Certificate in our Print Shop

Online Exhibit

MAC will exhibit and sell all work selected for the show, for which we have received digital images, in our Online Exhibit. If you want to be part of our online show, please photograph your work and submit a digital image following the guidelines at Preparing and Submitting Digital Images.

You do not have to submit the digital photos for the Online Exhibit. This is offered for artists who want greater exposure.

Photographs are best taken before the work is behind glass. We will reduce any submitted image to 600x600 pixels for use on the website.

Sales Shop Guidelines

Artist exhibitors & committee members may sell work in our Sales Shop, open during the three weekends of our exhibit. Please prepare your items and your list in advance of delivery.

Items should be delivered on Saturday, April 1 - 9am - 1pm or on Saturday, April 8, 10am Noon. (May not be properly exhibited in time for reception, though we will try.)

Up to 20 items which may be 10 individual items, 10 sets, or a combination of these - priced. Unpriced items will not accepted. [A set of cards or prints packaged as a set is considered one item. Simply pricing your work 3 for $10" does not constitute a set.

Your list of items should include your name, item name, number of each item, size, description, & price. You must have this list to sell items in the gift shop. Use list form included here.

Prices must be whole numbers ($10 rather than $9.95 for example)

Each artist may submit the following:

  • Small items such as note cards or postcards, 10 each, 10 sets or combination of these for a total of 10 items.
  • Medium items such as prints up to 11x17, 5 each or 5 sets
  • Large items (matted unframed prints over 11x17), 5 each
  • Small 3-dimensional items, 5 each

Please note:

  • No framed work.
  • Original work on cards is accepted.
  • Large/medium sized original work is not accepted. Submit your prints instead.
  • Small 3-dimensional items may be original. Jewelry is a 3-dimensional item.
  • No additional work may be entered during the show.

The pick-up date for unsold merchandise is April 29, 9-11am or May 6, 9-10am. You may have a representative pick up your items for you, representative should have receipt or letter plus ID from you giving them permission for the pickup.

Online Entry Form

Please enter your information below. When you click SEND, you will be directed to a page that will allow you to pay your non-refundable Entry Fee* ($25.00 for one entry, $35.00 for two entries, or $45.00 for three entries) by PayPal or Credit Card. If you would prefer to print the entry form and send it along with payment, Download/print the Entry Form and mail with your check made out to Monson Arts Council to MAC Art Show, c/o Tim Denney, 94 Lakeside Drive, Monson, MA 01057.

* Entry fees are non-refundable UNLESS we receive work after our exhibition space is full.

Please note: We will publish your contact information in our program unless you opt out.

TECHTALK: If your email server is either Yahoo or AOL, and you are seeing a 'rejected email' message in your mailbox when you click SEND, you will need to "whitelist" the email address "" (Yahoo's advice or AOL's advice). If you do not know how to do this, why not Download/print the Entry Form and use How To Enter - Method 2

Last Name:
First Name:
E-mail address:
Web Site:
Mailing Address:
Best Phone to use:

I am submitting my work digitally yes; Via: email dvd
I am physically delivering my work to Monson yes

Emerging Artist?
Yes    No
An "Emerging Artist" is one who has never entered a juried show before

Method of payment you will use:
PayPal    Cash, Check, MO via mail

Work Submitted:

Please List Your Submissions as follows:

Work 1:
Work 1 Title:

Work 1 Digital Name (if submitting on DVD or by email:



Frame Size:

Sale Price: (Works must be for sale)

Work 2:
Work 2 Title:

Work 2 Digital Name (if submitting on DVD or by email:



Frame Size:

Sale Price: (Works must be for sale)

Work 3:
Work 3 Title:

Work 3 Digital Name (if submitting on DVD or by email:



Frame Size:

Sale Price: (Works must be for sale)

PLEASE NOTE: We will publish your contact information in our program unless you opt out.
Do Not Publish: Email        Mailing Address        Phone Number

My submission of this form indicates my acceptance of Monson Arts Council Guidelines shown above. I also accept full responsibility for the artwork exhibited in this show & sales shop, and will not hold responsible any member of the Monson Arts Council, the Monson Arts Council, Inc. or the Town of Monson for any damage or loss to the above listed artwork.

Your legal signature may be requested upon arrival at the show. Thanks!

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